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Anonymous asked: Do you like men that are well endowed? What is the biggest and smallest cock you have ever fucked?

I like men that know where the clit is and will use it. 3 inches was smallest around 7 was the biggest I think

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Anonymous asked: Im 13 but I am mature for my age, you are really pretty, and I kinda just jizzed to ur page!!!


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Anonymous asked: do you mind if i ask what size are you, like generally? i don't think you're 'fat' at all, i actually think your body size is nice, im really self conscious about my body, ive been in two relationships and in both at first I was too fucking scared, I want to either learn to accept it or get to the size where id be comfortable walking about naked. I'm bigger than you, I'm sure of that but I'd like to be your size

uh…. Im a 12-14 dress size, it really depends on if my chest will fit. I’m a size 11 in pants. I’m a 34- DD

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Anonymous asked: I'd love to see you on your period <3

Is that a thing people do now? Because if so, that’s kinda weird since its literally just chunks of my vagina falling out with eggs.

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Anonymous asked: holy shit you're not dead. I just wanted to say two things - you're my favorite porn blog, and also you are freaking adorable. Just saying.

well thank you, babe

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Lets have a contest! Whoever can make me the wettest by either message or submission or both, gets a special submission to their blog~